How a Dubai Personal Trainer Helps in Improving Your Flexibility

From professional athletes to celebrities to recuperating patients or the common individual; all of us desire a well-toned supple body which can be achieved through regular workouts under a Personal Trainer Dubai.

If you are aiming to stay lean and lithe without hurting yourself, it is best to train under a  experienced and  certified professional in fitness training.

As we age, our body becomes sluggish and we become more prone to common injuries.  The best way to stay fit would be to exercise regularly under the guidance of a personal train to improve your agility and flexibility.

Flexibility denotes your ability to move all your muscles and joints timely, comfortably and comprehensively whenever in motion. Rigid muscles invariably hamper your regular movements and expose you to injuries which can destabilize your life.

Personal Trainers in Dubai can help you plan a routine of simple exercises which will definitely improve your overall flexibility and quality of life. A more flexible body not only moves faster and avoids injuries better; it is more equipped to tackle old age stiffness, improve your body’s posture during normal work and movement, quicken your response time and enhance muscle relaxation.

Fitness Training Dubai

Most of us give importance to ideal weight, fat loss, muscle fitness etc.; overlooking the vital aspect of flexibility. A Personal Trainer in Dubai is the best person to chalk out a comprehensive workout plan for you, keeping in mind the flexibility aspect.

He is trained and experienced in the types of stretching exercises which are best suited to increase a person’s flexibility, strength and muscle conditions. While exercising, different muscles of your body work together and each requires individual attention.

Muscles like those in your hamstring and quadriceps, those on your hips and abdomen, your core, lower back, shoulders; all of them go through rigorous tension which makes each of them susceptible to injuries like muscle or ligament tear if they are not flexible enough.

A Dubai Personal Trainer will demonstrate how to stretch and relax each and every muscle in your body so they become supple and ready for your workouts. Some Dubai personal training qualifications teach yoga and pilates for even more stretching variations.

Being certified in such trainings, he can guide you on how long should you continue with the stretching motions and how many times you should repeat each movement. He will demonstrate the correct posture along with the right breathing techniques and the proper way of warming up and cooling down during your flexibility moves.

To have a successful fitness program, it is vital for you to choose the correct Personal Trainers at Dubai after considering all the options. Some Dubai Bootcamp personal trainers focus separately on enhancing your flexibility while others integrate flexibility training within your larger exercise routine or strength-training.

What Will I Learn from a Personal Training Certification Course?

If you want to venture into the business of personal training, then you need experience and certifications. When you apply for a job, your experience and educational qualifications are always considered as significant aspects for being shortlisted. Similarly, all your future clients will want to know your certifications if you are a novice in terms of experience when it comes to personal training so it’s best to become a certified fitness trainer.

If you have personal training experience, then personal training certification endorses your credibility. The following are few things to that you will take away from personal training certification course:

Personal grooming

EPTI personal trainer courses are awarded after you finish either learning a level of a specified exercise or learning a whole new practice. So, you are not only getting experience but also preparing yourself to handle your prospective clients. Certifications make you feel confident about the teaching your clients. It makes you feel empowered.

PT Certification


Creating your own work regimes

Keeping your client’s eating habits and physique in mind, you need to come up with a workout schedule to ensure that they remain fit. Certification courses help you understand the mind and body better as you learn intricate details about the body and understand what ticks the mind.

If you are unable to give your customers a good work out regime, then your reputation will be hit and your career will be over before you begin. If you are doing the certification course, then you learn the nuances of doing work.

Effective communication with clients

Another crucial thing that you learn with your EPTI courses is effective communication. How effectively can you convince your clients to push themselves or talk about what is holding them back when it comes to stepping into the next level of exercising are all crucial for the client-trainer relationship.

You will also learn to understand that clients always require motivation to keep going on with their work regimes. Others need little motivation as they are enthusiastic about their health and take workouts seriously.

Contact with clients

Being a personal trainer, and working closely with your clients always leaves you dilemma about being in contact with clients. Permissible and non-permissible contact always depends on the comfort of your clients.

Always keep your directions and instructions verbal. Only if your client is getting the formation completely wrong, do you have to physically guide them. This is one of the most important things that you learn at certification courses.

Nutrition and Dietetics

The majority reason that most clients would walk into your personal training center is with the aim of reducing their weight. And, apart from their workout regime, they are also looking at a good and healthy diet plan which will enable them to lose weight more easily. As a result, taking certification courses on nutrition will always empower you to guide your future clients with proper nutritious food.