How and Why a Boot Camp Program is better than Diet Programs

There is a sea of difference between adopting rigorous exercise and diet programs for fitness. Diet programs help in weight loss while Gold Coast bootcamps are more focused on providing wholesome health improvement while simultaneously helping in weight reduction.

Diet plans definitely help in losing weight. However, severe dieting puts the body into starvation mode. The body begins to burn muscle in order to store fats for emergency. On the other hand, when you join a fitness bootcamp in Burleigh Heads, you do not deprive your body of food but burn the excess calories by increasing your metabolic rate. If you have a look at Boot Camp Gold Coast Website you will find out that their fitness program consists of different kinds of exercises that not just help in weight loss but also develop the strength, stamina, resistance and immunity of the body. This is a much healthier way of losing weight and you will be able to sustain weight loss for longer.

Gold Coast Boot Camp

In order to lead a normal healthy life, a man requires 2700 calories and a woman required 2000 calories. The calorific requirement, however, is subject to change depending on lifestyle and the degree of physical activity. If you cut down your daily calorie intake by more than 300 calories, your body begins to starve and the metabolic activity reduces. For weight loss, it is not recommended that you cut down more than 200 to 300 calories per day. However, when you join a boot camp Burleigh Heads, you can burn 300 to 500 calories per session. This loss of calories does not put the body in starvation mode. But increases metabolic activity and you lose excess cellulite. Muscles gain strength as well.

When you join a boot camp program, personal trainers provide advice on nutrition. So, you learn the right method of controlling your diet and reducing calorie intake. This program, coupled with the intensive Burleigh Heads bootcamp workout will do the most in making you fit and healthy.

Furthermore, bootcamps, being outdoor group activities, are great fun to indulge in. You get to make new friends and socialize with health-conscious people. Mutual encouragement in the team helps you workout harder and achieve better fitness. Diet programs are devoid of all these benefits. In other words, people who stick to diet plans miss out the fun element that accompanies boot camp workouts. To find the closest bootcamp in your area, visit